To Everyone

To everyone cheering me on, to everyone who checks this blog usually, thank you very much always.

Having everyone supporting me at this time, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude everyday.

Regarding the happenings over the internet recently, I’m truly very sorry, for having worried and troubled you.

There was already a report from the agency about this but, because of the current situation, both my mind and body alike couldn’t go on in the usual manner, and I didn’t really have any time to rest my heart.

It is truly regretful that, because of that, I couldn’t update my blog, which is one of the few ways I have of communicating with you.

That’s why in this blog post, I think I’ll be writing out my feelings.

The acting and expressing, during my usual work, has become a really important purpose for me.

Being able to participate as part of a piece of work.
Being able to breath life into the roles I act and into the songs I love.
Being able to get my feelings across.
For me to take part in such things, I’m truly happy.

I’ll improve my expressing a lot more from now on, and involve myself in the making of wonderful works, in order to reach towards as many people as possible, I’ll strive ahead.

For that purpose too, I think, I’ll polish myself in my private time, meeting a lot of people, and learning a lot of things.
Family and close friends are a given, but even if it were a romantic relationship, I’ll hold onto sincerity, and tackle it straight on.

In order to deliver to everyone something better as a pro, and in order to be able to return the energy and power I’ve received from everyone until now, I’ll really do my best.

I’m still immature but, please take care of Kotobuki Minako, from now on too.

Kotobuki Minako

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☆Fragrant Autumn☆

Good evening!
It’s been a while since I’ve updated, excuse me★

Lately it’s gotten particularly cold,
It’s the time of year one starts worrying about their wear.

Everyone, are you dealing alright with colds and whatnot?
It’s about time we have to be careful.

Well, just like in today’s picture,
There have been some gorgeous flowers,
Blooming aplenty!

When talking about fragrance, it’s a good season
For fragrant olive right.

Now that I mention it, long ago a friend said
That perfume was made from fragrant olive but,
Can it really be done?

Every year when it becomes the season of fragrant olive
I remember that. I wonder about it…

If it can be done,
I’d like to try too♪


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Good evening!

The climax stage,
Has safely ended.

To the people who showed up today,
Thank you very much.

And so,
Our first 2 days (live) has ended.

There were things I was nervous about until we started but
Yesterday and today, I was able to see everyone’s smiles
I feel like I’ve figured out
The answer to, what is important★

In this live we were able to
Tell you some new info.

It’s been put into simple words but,
To make up, we’ll do our very best,
With the things that we can do.

Please, do look after Sphere
From now on as well.

To the people who’ve supported us,
And cheered us on, yesterday and today,
Truly thank you very much!!


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Good evening!
It was extremely fun♪
Also, it has become a really blissful birthday.
Thank you very much!!
I’ll do my best tomorrow too (*^^*)

There are still plenty of overflowing feelings but,
For now I’ll stop today at this!
Truly thank you very much!


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☆last teen☆

Good evening!
Today is the last of my teens.
It really passed by quickly.

It still doesn’t quite feel like it but,
It has been a very fulfilling 19th year.

First, it has been a year filled with encounters
With many wonderful works.

Through playing these characters,
I’ve been able to meet many people too.

It has become a year
Where I’ve learned many things,
I hadn’t known before.

And I myself have thought of this 19th year,
As a year to prepare myself for my 20 years of age,
So I’ve been able to do many things in anticipation of my 20th year,
Which makes me happy.

To the people who’ve always been cheering,
And supporting Kotobuki Minako,
Truly thank you very much.

I look forward to being in your care,
As a 20 year old Kotobuki Minako too★

Yet even at 20 years of age,
Until the live performances are over,
It still rather feels as being a teen.

Which is why, I’ll do my best
From the 2 days starting from tomorrow!!

To the people who’ll be coming, I’ll be waiting for you.
Let’s have a blast together♪

Surprisingly tomorrow,
Takoyaki will be on sale too!!

Please have some takoyaki to save up energy,
And let’s have a fun live with all our might (*^^*)

Well then, for tomorrow’s sake,
I think I’ll go sleep early today★
Good night~ (^^)


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☆Sorry for the wait☆

Good evening!

I have to talk about this while still in my teens,
Talk about A Channel Fes,
Must be done!
I’ve made you wait a really long time (^^)

When I think about it now too, it was fun times.
For the second time, I stood on the stage of
Nippon Seinenkan this time.

The first time was when I stood on a stage
For the first time with Sphere so,
It’s a place with quite a lot of memories.

That’s why, the feelings of
Definitely wanting to succeed and not crying were strong.

After going through that live event,
I wonder if
It became a time where you could love
The A channel work even more?

I myself have mostly, gotten to love
A Channel even more (^^)

I’ll do my best with everyone for the upcoming OVA!!
Please look forward to its finishing♪

Currently, the A Channel anime
Official guidebook in on sale!

There’s talk you won’t find anywhere else,
And a bunch of other stuff so, please have a look!!


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☆Dear my…☆

Good evening!
Finally today “Dear my…” has
Gone safely on sale (^^)

To the people who’ve gotten their hands on it,
Thank you very much!!

“Dear my…” has the things I want to say right now
As I wait for the imminent 20 years of age,
Put into a melody.

I’d be happy if
You listened to it,
While imagining your “Dear my…” (*^^*)

And the coupling song
“Colorful Diary” is,
A song more rock-ish than usual.

To live everyday with the utmost effort,
That’s the kind of song it is.

I’d be happy if you came to love both songs!

And the 1st picture today is,
From the middle of the shooting of
The “Dear my…” music video.

If you stare at it long, it looks like a bathroom,
It was a really weird space~.

The production has become something weird again.
Please take a look at
The music video too♪

The other is from the shooting of the CD jacket.
This time, the shooting took place
Picking up from the “present”
That’s in my objectives as a 20 year old.

Both of them have become a shape
That packs maturity, childishness and myself,
I’m really satisfied.

This is thanks to
Everyone on the team, and the people who
Have been cheering me on being there.

Truly always thank you very much!

The live is really soon too so, I’ll do ma’ best★


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